Ohio Edison Energy Kit

Created on Sunday, 30 June 2013
In today's Akron Beacon Journal (June 30th), Bob Dyer, had a very interesting and informative article regarding Ohio Senate Bill 221.  SB 221 allows Ohio Edison to charge every single customer for the "Ohio Energy Conservation Kit", however, Ohio Edison does not have to provide you with the kit unless you specifically ask for it.  The kit contains 9 CFLs, 2 LED night lights, 1 smart power strip surge protector, and 1 furnace whistle.  The retail value of this kit is approximately $80. 
If you would like to request your kit you may do so by calling 877-639-0218 or you may request it online at www.ohioenergykit.com
A special thanks to Bob Dyer for enlightening the public.
Saturday the 20th.
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