Township records for Hawley Cemetery have been maintained by many individuals over the years. The methods used have not been entirely consistent, therefore, the records in this database are not guaranteed to be complete or accurate. The correct spelling of names is certainly an area of concern. Please enter a SINGLE letter to obtain an alphabetical listing of all individuals whose last name begins with that initial. Click on the appropriate name in the table to obtain the complete information.


Date of Death
Walter  Aberegg 76 M 1995-06-15
Thelma L Ackerman 73 F 2005-11-01
Leslie L Ackerman 74 M 1979-04-05
Rith Eilien Ackerman 61 F 1991-12-22
Mary  Ackerman 75 F 1986-09-08
Geneva Leona Adkins 81 F 2008-02-17
Owen   Adkins 86 M 2008-12-16
Melinda Sue Almashy 20 F 2000-05-06
Gregory R Anthony 45 M 2013-09-02
Sherman E. Archer 85 M 1992-06-02
Jessie M. Archer 73 F 1984-12-27
Gregg K Arnold 66 M 2107-11-29